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ProGenerics Health

Get to know our History, Mission, Vision and Values.

About Us

We were born in 2016, the result of a dream and the innovative spirit of those who believe that life only makes sense when you think and realize it. Pharmaceutical market knowers define our lines by levels over time. The first years turned to the Pharmacy business, as a priority goal in order to guarantee experience and then to continue the growth of the Company. The Hospitar market was the starting point for the Internationalization of it through ONCOLOGY, embracing projects for the development of this Specialty in African Countries. Our mission is to provide, as well as to support these projects, with resolutions. We are trained through a team with experience and constant training so that your skills are the guarantor of a quality service. The development, promotion and knowledge of our clients are priority factors for the growth and development of our Company.

ProGenerics Values

Our mission is to provide a quality service, presenting our customers with innovative solutions that guarantee value and thus create bonds of trust and unity, always respecting your identity.

We are an innovative company with motivated employees. We focus on creating value for our customers with a strong commitment to social responsibility.

We strive for seriousness and professional ethics. Our main focus is the people we work with and we strive to develop relationships for life. We find suitable solutions, not forgetting the identity of each or each Country. We are a company focused on well serve our customers.

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